Goal Setting Secrets

April 21, 2023 10:30am

Come to Stroller Strides and stay for a FREE goal setting workshop presented by Julie Rose of Everfull Wellness.

Friday, April 21st


Valley Park in Hermosa Beach

Goal Setting Secrets

A health coaching workshop to help unlock your barriers to success

Let’s not beat around the bush - change can feel impossible, especially when we’re busy balancing ALL OF THE THINGS and it is difficult to prioritize ourselves! It’s not that we lack the motivation to change, but rather we don’t YET have the skills or tools needed to get there.

Hi! I’m Julie Rose, Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, and I help busy moms who struggle to prioritize themselves, set small but achievable goals to feel better in their skin. These goals center around food, exercise, sleep, relationships and stress management.

We will identify one goal you want to focus on and dig into why it is important to you, creating a mini vision statement of your best self. We look at habits you need to create and what obstacles might get in the way. You’ll walk away with a plan to accomplish your goal, and with the help of an accountability partner from your group, you’ll be prepared to celebrate your success!


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